The Book Labyrinth

The Book Labyrinth & logo ©2023 Julie Bounford

A facilitated session exploring pathways to wellbeing through the books and stories we love.

When we thread a labyrinth, the one path may twist, turn, and double back, but that path will generally lead to a centre. They say the point of a labyrinth is to find its centre – and to find ours. Whatever our intention, the experience is most likely a matter of becoming lost, and then found. Labyrinths can create mindfulness, and a heightened awareness of ourselves and of others.

Reading of any kind, fiction and non-fiction in whatever format you choose, can do the same, by providing insight, reflection, and catharsis. Books and stories are everywhere and when we thread our way through those written lines of life, we may lose ourselves, or even become the story, as we explore different perspectives on life events.

Topics we will explore in this book labyrinth session may include:

How we collect or accumulate books.
How we personalise our books.
Bookish paraphernalia.
Our books with special inscriptions and what they mean to us.
Books that resonate with different times in our lives.
Books published in our birth year and books we enjoyed as children.
What our books say about us.
What our Desert Island Book might be.
What things we keep in our books.
What we use our books for.
Where we go to read.

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